Roel Veldman 6. Nat. ACE YB WHZB/TBOTB with 50% Van Panhuis pigeon

The most people know that Roel is verry succesfull in pigeon racing on national level. He has several pigeons from us on his breeding loft.

This season Roel performed very well with the YB's and he achieved a fantastic result with the 6. Nat. ACE YB's WHZB/TBOTB. The mother of this pigeon was bred by us ( DA VINCI x ROSULA) and nestsister to our super breeding hen "ASHLEY" and also a full sister to "BIG BOSS".

"DA VINCI" is also father to the new super breeding hen "CAPRIATI" of Eddy Janssens (Zandhoven); this hen is within 1,5 year mother to:

  • 16-023 “Victoria”, 1e Gien 1813 d. en 1e Noyon 688 d.

  • 16-203 “Victor”, 1e Chevrain 942 d... 3e Noyon 608 d. en 13e Chevrain 1434 d.

  • 17-180, 1e Chevrain 384 d.

  • 17-101, 2e Chevrain 1133 d.

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