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Our guarantee is what it says, a full one!


If you buy birds direct (not through third parties) from our loft and you are not 100% satisfied you can return them for exchange (any transport costs involved must be paid by yourself). Or if you come to our lofts and pick birds for yourself, you can take them home and after 2 or 3 days you may think for whatever reason, I don't really like that one, you can also return the pigeon(s) for exchange.


If you are unfortunate enough to have a bird that does not lay or fill its eggs (after the first couple of months) we replace it for you. If we or you pick a cock when it should be a hen, we will exchange it.


The only thing we cannot guarantee (and no loft can! ) is you winning because we don't know how well you fly, we will supply your birds with a family history breeding and winning races.





Roel bought several pigeons from us. He is very succesfull and bred some 1. prize winners and Top 10 winners on NPO races from these purchased birds.

Roel Veldman

Staphorst (The Netherlands)

The Sanders brothers also bought some direct pigeons and not without success. They won with 2 direct pigeons from us many 1st prizes and  3 x Top 10 on NPO races incl. Teletext mention. 

Gebr. Sanders

Millingen a.d. Rijn (The Netherlands)

Rob bought several pigeons from us and he was very successful. He won many first prizes with direct pigeons purchased from us. 

Rob den Boer

Hoogvliet (The Netherlands)

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